EDM11, and all the way to Number One!

I spent a little time this afternoon trying desperately to catch up on my scanning. A little prioritization was in order.  First up my Every Day Matters challenges. Two years ago I started out with Number 100 and have been working my way down to #1…

…and I’ve done it!

No… it doesn’t mean I’ve finished, there are 328 different challenges! … but at least now I can start working my way forward.

140329 EDM11 140403 EDM10 140506 EDM9 140606 EDM8,7,6 140607 EDM4 140607 EDM5 140616 EDM3 140622 EDM2 140629 EDM1

I can’t wait to start EDM #101… stay tuned.

Binge Reading

I can’t read… I mean, I can’t read anymore… no, that’s not it either.

I can’t read slowly. When I read, everything else falls away. I’m immediately transported and I don’t return ’till the book is finished. I wish I could read a chapter or two, go out…pull weeds, maybe make dinner then read a few more chapters. No… I binge. Hours pass and… I’m done! Where did the time go?

Just the other day I came home from the library with Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple.

Where'd you go, Bernadette

Wonderfully fun satire, perfect for lighthearted summer reading. Yeah, I read fast but this just might be a record! Trouble is, I’m now in the market for another “summer” book. Any suggestions?

By the way, earlier in the year I read Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan… also highly recommended for your summer perusal.


Before the Rain

I came to watercolors 3 years ago when I took an online class with the fabulous Jane LaFazio. Her work is fresh and fun and she’s a marvelous teacher, generous with her time, knowledge and especially her gentle encouragement. I’m still a frequent visitor to her website and blog.

As I looked through her class offerings I saw her sketch of a Matilija Poppy blossom. Jane had captured this beauty with a minimalist line and a few splashes of watercolor… I was inspired! My garden has been calling to me… “paint me, paint me.” But where to start?  I snipped and floated one of my favorite peony blooms to be my first model!


You can see I copied… yes, copied!  … Jane’s sketch of her poppy. I knew that as I drew the lines she drew I would absorb the loose feeling she captured before trying to replicate that feeling in my peony. (Don’t fret, I gave her credit on my page.)

I’ve been experimenting with various pens but for this I returned to my tried and true favorites… my TWSBI fountain pen filled with Platinum Carbon Black ink.  To get the cool, icy pink of the petals I used multiple dilute glazes of Quinacridone Rose and deepened the shadows with Indanthrone Blue.

Since the forecasted wind and rain would doom the last of my poppies, this was my only chance. They’re so ephemeral. I stood in the driveway painting as the rain started to fall.   Whew! Finished just in time!


They’re gone now, petals scattered on the ground, just a bunch of seedpods ripening for next year.