Dartmouth’s Life Sciences Greenhouse

On Thursdays I can usually be found in the countryside, plein air painting with my partners in crime.  Ah… but not last Thursday.  Here in the Upper Valley we were dealing with the remnants of a nasty nor’easter.  Wind and rain… and lots of it.

I really don’t like to be cold and wet and I was longing for a taste of the tropics.  No money for an airline ticket, I turned to our local low-cost option… Dartmouth College’s Life Sciences Greenhouse.

The Brout Orchid collection is exquisite!

141023a141023bThere are so many orchids and other exotic species in bloom that my eyes crossed as I tried to gauge the best models to paint.

141023dI’ll be returning time and time again as the light fades and winter sets in.  Maybe I’ll see you there.

Dartmouth College Life Sciences Greenhouse is open M-F, 8:30 – 4:00.  There is no admission charge although donations are appreciated. Directions and closure days are detailed on the website.


People Practice

77 degrees Fahrenheit this afternoon.  It’s mid October and strictly speaking, since we haven’t had a killing frost, this isn’t Indian Summer. What it is, is too beautiful to be inside.

I wanted to practice drawing figures and there’s no where better to observe the public than the steps to the Opera House opposite the town green at lunchtime. A couple of hours passed like minutes.  If only it would stay as warm.


Pumpkin Prep

This year we again spent Columbus Day weekend camping with family.  Tradition demands a Saturday morning excursion to a local farm stand to pick the perfect pumpkins for the afternoon carve-a-thon.  No time to dilly-dally… we had trick-or-treaters coming along with hay rides in the evening!

IMG_4043 - Version 2

141012 - pumpkins


The hot mulled apple cider and roasted pumpkins seeds were the perfect snack as we toasted our feet by the fire. Even the dogs loved it!


Now Dozer wants to be sketched too… soon… I promise.