April is for Fakin’

Yes, tomorrow’s April 1st!

If you’ve been paying attention the last four years then you know I’m not excited about April Fool’s Day as such. I’m excited that April 1st marks the start of International Fake Journal Month! Although I’ve only been participating since 2012, Roz Stendahl took this project public in 2009.

“Shift In Place” is the theme for 2016. This is my big chance to be someone else for a month… an alternate “me”… like me only different.

Interested in seeing where April takes me? I’ll be posting regularly (I always try for daily) on my Fake Journal Blog… skylarkkarma.wordpress.com


Channeling Nora Ephron

I look at this and my eyes are immediately drawn to my neck. 


If you’ve ever had the pleasure of reading Nora Ephron’s book, I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman, you know where I’m coming from. 

This is another of my ink sketches on a pre-painted acrylic ink background… this one with a watercolor wash… and I see I need a haircut too!

Bird and Its Backdop

Last October I participated in InkTober and found  I really enjoyed working on pre-painted backgrounds. The added bit of color and pattern seems to really make pen and ink sketches pop. 

For this spread I used a mixture of shimmering FW Acrylic Inks sprayed over one of the dried oak leaves from the garden. I love the blue splatter!

What goes with oak leaves?  A bird of course!

Happy Spring!