“Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.”

A blog?  Me… writing?

Well it won’t be all writing.  I’m here to share my interests and pursuits which often border on obsessions.  I’ve been like this all my life.  As a girl scout I earned all sorts of badges.  Never content learning one thing well, I’ve always been a artsy-crafty dabbler.  I’ve sewn clothing and I’ve embroidered and done needlepoint.  I crochet and knit… not particularly well, mind you.  I quilt.  My latest passions are sketching, watercolors and journaling, preferably all at the same time, in the same sketchbook.  I’ve even started bookbinding so I can use the paper I like in the size I want.

Don’t believe me?  Well, that’s what the blog’s for.  I want to share my fun… let’s go!

This is my workspace and yes, I cleaned so it would be more photogenic.  Most everything I need is close at hand… sketchbooks, sewing machine, bone folders and PVA, good lighting and a comfortable chair.  There’s plenty of inspiration from my friends hanging on the wall.  I even have two large windows with views to the backyard.

131208 Studio

But… I can’t get distracted.  I have a deadline looming.  I’m participating in The Sketchbook Project and the book needs to be postmarked by January 15th, 2014.  Aauugh! Just over a month to fill a 32 page book.  I’ve got to get crackin’.

131208 SB Project

Next post we’ll see how I’ve prepped the pages.

13 thoughts on “Beginning

  1. Let’s hear it for taking a step into the unknown – jumping in with both feet – moving out of your comfort zone. Sometimes it’s that first step that’s the hardest, but I expect you have some wonderful journeys ahead!

  2. Dana,
    First of all, here’s your HUG.
    And I am so very, very proud of you. I know what a huge step this is but I think it’s about time other folks got the chance to appreciate and see what you do.
    Love the header!

  3. I found your Blog via the Sketchbookery class from MaryAnn Moss. I’m late bloomer, as I just signed up a few months ago. I hit the pic of your ABC sketchbook you posted. I have been reading through a few posts finding this one, which seems to be your first entry? I love your intro and I also did The Sketchbookproject in 2012 & 2013. I’ve also recently found my new mediums to be watercolors, (WC inks, pencils, paints, graphite, well pretty much anything water soluble.) Though I rarely do mixed media journaling much these days(I may decided one day that’s what I would rather do) I als do love painting canvases with Acrylics mixed with, ephemera, inks, watercolor,etc. I also love making journals, all different kinds, sketchbooks, watercolors, charcoal, junk journals, anything I can bind.
    One of my favorite things to do is hit Thrifts stores, flea markets, and antique shops for great books, especially older ones with interesting covers to use for making new watercolor journals and sketchbooks. I also make fabric books. (a class I took with the Awesome Kate Thompson)
    I’m going to read through some more, but this seemed an appropriate place to leave my small novel. 🙂
    Kim Hogan
    P.S. I love your studio space by the way!!!

    • Wow Kim, thank you! Must have taken a few wild turns to find yourself all the way back to the beginning! I love it that you’re as interested in a variety of things as I am. And thanks for getting me hooked on Kate Thompson. I’m going to explore more of her work!

      Studio space… tiny, but it works. I’ve changed things up a bit so I should probably do an update soon.


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