Sketchbook Project 2014 Finished!

I’ve been absent these last few days as I finished working on my entry for the Sketchbook Project 2014. I felt the need to paint and decorate the covers… make it a real atlas.

This was my first time using colored gesso and boy. was I surprised how gritty it was! The book just wasn’t pleasant to hold. But how to fix it? I tried many things out on one of my journal pages.  Do I letter directly? Which pen? Should I stamp? Collage?

What a mess!

140109 test page

But now I had a plan! On went the stickers and the stamped lettering, layered between coats of matte medium. StazOn is my friend. It truly is permanent… no smearing as the matte medium was brushed on.

But I still wasn’t happy. The matte medium made the book feel slightly sticky in my hand. Krylon Workable Spray Fixitif to the rescue. A single thin coat was all it needed.  Remember, this stuff can be flammable and toxic, please spray in a well ventilated area.  I did a quick spray outside and then brought it into dry on the stove with the exhaust fan on. After an hour it was completely dry.

SBP Cover

SBP Cover

I’ve had these stickers for years just waiting for the perfect project.

SBP Eiffel TowerSBP SphinxThe workspace isn’t as neat as it was before and that’s a good thing!

140108 studio

3 thoughts on “Sketchbook Project 2014 Finished!

  1. What an elegantly simple solution! Of course, it never occurred to me. Oh well.

    It’s ready to send in… I just need to do an artist’s statement. That may be more difficult to complete than the sketchbook!

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