Watch… Then Draw.

I’m a big fan of an artist from the Netherlands, Koosja Koene. She’s a prolific artist and blogger, teaches online classes and submits recipe pages to They Draw and Cook. She is one busy woman! I really love her short drawing videos she uploads on Tuesdays, appropriately named:  Draw Tip Tuesday!  They’re so much fun and her enthusiasm is infectious!

Last week I spent an afternoon with Koosje and my watercolors.  I watched her paint an orange and then tried it myself.  It’s not really a paint-along technique since her videos are greatly sped up but it’s helpful to watch her technique.  I’ve nowhere the skill as Koosje but I’m still rather pleased with my first attempt.

140202 orange

I then watched one on Do It Yourself Postcards.  She divided the page and drew small simplified thumbnail sketches of shirts… all types of shirts.  Koosje colored them with colored pencil but I chose to use watercolor.  I might try her suggestion to paint a collection of shoes next time… or even handbags.  Goodness knows I have TONS!

140131 shirts

She’s a wealth of knowledge and inspiration and her videos are a sure bet to kick you out of the winter doldrums.

Koosje’s collected videos can also be found on her YouTube video channel as well.  There are over 50 but they’re short.  If you have self control you won’t have to watch them all in an afternoon like I did! 😉


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