Spring Ahead Tonight!

Earlier this week the film arts community celebrated 2013 with the Academy Awards… the Oscars. To say I’m not much of a movie person is an understatement.  This year I haven’t even seen ONE of the winners.  So why did I feel the need to make an Oscar page?  I have no idea… the only thing I was interested in was best song. (I have 3 of them on my iTunes playlist).

140302 Oscar

it was good practice for human proportions… and he stood still for me!

So began March.

March is a month of transitions. The days are getting lighter… more hours of sun and I can feel its strength as I sit here typing. Yes it’s still cold and snowy but those days are waning.  March is the first month of “meteorological” spring; the coldest days are behind us. True spring will arrive with the vernal equinox on the 20th.

In my mind this is the start of the year!

So remember to set your clocks ahead tonight as you go to bed and savor the extra hour of light we’ll have tomorrow evening.


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