Spring Makes Me Smile! Journal52 – week 3

Spring arrives today!

16:57 UTC… that’s 12:57 EDT for me!

The science geek in me loves knowing all about the Vernal Equinox but Spring to me is much more than angles, celestial equators and orbits.  Since it’s too early here for sprouting things in the garden, it’s the changes in the light and the sound of arriving songbirds.

140315 Journal52-w3Journal52 – Week 3 Prompt: You make me smile!

Earlier this month I picked up the Saturday’s Features section of the New Hampshire Union Leader intrigued by the bird coverage. In the March 8th issue there was the New Hampshire Audubon’s Rare Bird Alert, an article on Turkey vultures and a wonderful photo of three American robins in flight by David Lane of the Union Leader.

I have tried time and time again to sketch birds in flight with various degrees of success so I used Mr. Lane’s photo as a reference as I practiced bird flight anatomy. Is it great? No, but as I look at this spread I can almost hear them chirping as they devour my remaining crabapples!

I know there have been pockets of robins living here all winter but they’ll always be my harbingers of Spring!

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