Every Day in May Concludes!

May… a commitment to drawing the predetermined prompt every day. Do I love it or hate it? I’d have to say, both! I’m energized by my fellow participants but by the end of the month, I’m tired. Tired of someone telling me what to sketch and tired of posting.

This year I posted to my Flickr account and linked to the Every Day in May group and posted to their Facebook group too! Oh, and here too, although I enjoyed grouping my daily pages into one weekly post. If I join in again next year I may choose to post only here. Maybe that’ll breathe new life into my EDiM.

140527 EDiM27

140528 EDiM28

140529 EDiM29

140530 EDiM30

140531 EDiM31

Whew!  I’m ready for June!


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