P is for Pens (Blogging A to Z)

Pens!  So many brands, nibs and colors… so little money.  sigh.

Pilot Metropolitan to the rescue!  They’re only $15 and they come with a squeeze converter and a cartridge.  Even if you add a different converter of $5 it’s still a great bargain!  I’m in love with the Fine nib.


I think I need that purple one next!

2 thoughts on “P is for Pens (Blogging A to Z)

  1. Hey Dana, I haven’t visited for a while and I just LOVE your blogging A to Z. And I love this pen. Gotta get one. And the goats. There are four goats in the next Carding novel, Houdini and three nannies, Bippity, Boppity and Boo. I know some folks don’t like their eyes but I think they’re awesome. Beautiful work. And inspiring. I think blogging A to Z would be fun. I might give it a try.

    • Glad you like it Sonja… blogging daily has been quite a push. The best part has been searching though all my sketchbooks for fun pages… and playing with my camera!


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