Photo Friday – 19 June, 2015

Mid June brings out the lovely blooms of my Azalea ‘Pink and Sweet’.  Never has there been a name more apropos, the scent is divine.  Where’s Smell-O-Vision when we need it?

Azalea Pink&Sweet1

Azalea Pink&Sweet2

Azalea Pink&Sweet3Don’t you just love that blush of gold and those little filaments on the buds?

Azalea Pink&Sweet4… and those long stamens and pistil?  (don’t be impressed… I had to look them up.)


2 thoughts on “Photo Friday – 19 June, 2015

    • Hard to believe but I took it with my iPhone5. I started using it more once I realized the colors are true. No Photoshop here. I just need to keep my hands still. Thanks for asking!



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