Life Drawing Session

O6 April, 2016

For a size reference , all of these drawings were done on 18 in. x 24 in. newsprint.

Two 5-minute, two 10-minute, three 20-minute drawings of the same pose, and a final 30-minute drawing.

This post is a test. I found these photos in an old sketchbook and wanted to backdate the post so it would show up chronologically. I’m also testing to see if it triggers a notification to any followers so could someone please comment below if you see it? Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Life Drawing Session

    • Thanks ninnanh! I actually hoped I could sneak this post in without all the notifications. I’m planning to merge A LOT of other work into this blog and I’m afraid I’ll swamp everyone with notifications when I do! I might have to rethink my plan.

    • Thanks Melissa! All three of the 20 minute drawings were done from an hour pose. I figure in order to improve I need to work on producing more sketches rather than a more finished piece.


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