G!  … as in Gouache!

I’m taking another Mary Ann Moss class… OMG!… this time it’s all about gouache, an opaque water media very similar to opaque watercolor only more so.

This first thing I learned was that it’s pronounced g’wash… rhyming with squash.

Fair warning… lots of photos ahead!

I bought a lovely selection of Schmincke gouache selected by artist, Roz Stendahl and to that I added a few tubes of M. Graham gouache. I squirted it into pans and arranged my palette.

When closed the palette latch is a little loose so I made a band out of 1.5 inch elastic. I love the turquoise!

I started playing first by adding white to get tints and then seeing if my pens would write over the matte surface.

Hmmm… I wonder what secondary mixes I can get with my selected primaries?

Ah… nice!  But what do I mix to get the brightest hues?

I’m still finding it hard to judge how much water… or rather, how little water to use. My gouache blocks on this spread have lots of streaks. I wonder once I conquer the water issue if I’ll also get rid of the streaks, but for now I rather like the wabi-sabi look.

Great practice but now what? Well. I decided to draw my Friday. My black Uni-ball Vision wrote like a dream but my white Signo?  Not so much. After a few issues with hard starts and skipping I learned to use a light hand. It’s a nice arrow to have in my art quiver.

I better get working on the next lesson or I’ll be behind my amazing classmates.

Thanks MAM… It’s my summer of gouache!

If you want to see more of Mary Ann Moss please check out her blog: Dispatch From LA.

5 thoughts on “OMG!

  1. Dana, thank you for the ‘heads up’ on this class. I also have Roz’s gouache set and some additional gouache in my stash. I signed up for OMG this morning. I have already picked up new information from the videos on setting up the palette. I have not explored elsewhere yet.

    • Carmel, I’m so glad you’ve joined OMG! I didn’t share it with the DP group only because it doesn’t really fit with the group’s objectives and I believe Roz is working up online color theory and gouache classes. At least I hope so. But Mary Ann Moss is just so darn fun! See you in class!

      • Yes, it does look like fun. I most probably will not get started for a couple of days.. we have just moved …,my gouache is in a box somewhere🙂

  2. dana i so enjoy seeing how you set everything up. the turquoise band is an excellent idea!!! your mixes are fabulous. everything so inspiring.


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