Super Centennial

Happy 100th birthday, National  Park Service!

I decided to visit Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site for my celebration. There were dreams of cake and candles, but instead I was treated to a beautiful breezy and not too hot summer day, just perfect for painting.  I arrived at 9 am and promptly settled in on my favorite marble bench to capture the view of Mount Ascutney.

A slight turn to the right and the Little Studio comes into view. The grapevines on the attached pergola are heavy with grapes; surprising, considering we’re still in a drought.

Three stamps today!!!

As part of the National Park Service Centennial celebration they are generously offering free admission to all the parks through Sunday, 08/28/2016. Still haven’t figure out which one you want to visit?  Please find a park and schedule a visit soon.

You won’t regret it!    … even if they don’t have cake.

2 thoughts on “Super Centennial

    • Thank you Violet! The humidity finally left and the breeze was a welcome change. I hope you’re getting a little respite from your severe weather … just the thought of typhoons makes me concerned. Be safe!


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