Fair Game

It’s state fair season here in the US and I’m planning on making the most of it. If all goes as planned I will have pages to show from three different fairs

I’m comfortable with my supplies and set up so my biggest issue is my sketchbook. I thought I had plenty of room in my journal last Friday when I went to New Hampshire’s Hopkinton State Fair but in reality I could have used a few more. As it was, I finished 9 full spreads.

The pygmy goats at the petting zoo are perfect models for my warm-up pages.

I have a thing for Runner Ducks!

Such sweet faces.

As I was drawing this Australorp hen, the judge came up and told me that I “knew my chickens” as she hung up the Best in Show sign. Cool!

Toggenburgs,  they’re dairy goats!

Look at the length of those horns!

I learned that yes, Llamas spit, but mostly at each other!

No pages left… I guess it’s time to go!

I have another fair to attend next week but this time I’ll have my new sketchbook.  Lots of blank pages to fill!

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