2016 Retrospective

As the year closes, I spent yesterday paging through my six sketchbooks encompassing 2016.  I was inspired by two of my favorite sketch bloggers, Suhita Shirodkar of Sketch Away and Tina Koyama of Fueled by Clouds & Coffee, for their posts featuring the year’s top highlights.

Instead of doing a top 10 retrospective I’ve chosen a previously unpublished sketch from each month.  These sketches are examples of my day in, day out journal work.  It’s also some of the work I’m most proud of, not because of its quality but because it shows my persistence as I stretch to improve.

January: Portrait practice. I go where I know there’ll be a steady stream of victims models.

February: View out my back door. Used complementary colors and didn’t get mud!

March: Right place, right time with sketchbook at hand.

April: Working on the folds of those paper napkins.

May: Kept a separate journal for my IFJM work – International Fake Journal Month, but wrote my wrap up in this journal.

June: Summer outdoor concert series has begun.  Great people sketching opportunities.

July: Sketched all morning and was on my way home when I saw the pond full of waterlilies.  I could have continued but the moment called to me… I stopped.

August: They were putting a new copper roof on the library. Documentation time.

September: Too many people in line to do more than put a few lines down on paper.  Finished from the greenhouse web cam… lucky there’s no such thing as smell-o-vision.

October: Not only InkTober but our annual camping with jack-o-lantern carving.

November: Daily documentation. Cubs World Series and autumn clean up.

December: Portrait practice from TV as I toy with a kid’s four-color pencil.

On to 2017… Happy New Year my friends!

Addendum: Check out Roz Stendahl of Roz Wound Up for another great year-end wrap up.

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