Toys Are Us!

As we come to the end of January I figured I’d share some of the art supplies I’ve been playing with. 

Remember my childrens quality multicolored pencil?  I like it so much I’m putting the artists quality Koh-i-noor Magic Pencil on my wish list. 

See how the colors run the length of the pencil… that means that you need to rotate the pencil as you draw to get color variation. The Koh-i-noor has the colors all swirled together. I’m betting that will be even more fun!

I also bought a new white ink pen… a Uni-Ball Signo Broad. I’ve had nothing but trouble with the previous incarnation Signo pen but this one is a winner!  The barrel on the newer pen is opaque while the barrel on the “inferior ” pen is translucent. It may be coincidental but I thought I’d mention it in case you’re thinking of getting one for your arsenal. 

Lovely opaque white ink. Here I’ve layered it over many layers of watercolor. 

We have a lovely new stationery, card, and art supply shop in the area… POST… in White River Junction, Vermont.

I bought myself a few Palomino Blackwing pencils to try and the corresponding long point sharpener. I’ve heard so many glowing things about them I just couldn’t resist. Now that they’re sharpened I need to make some time to test an experiment to see which level of hardness I prefer. 

And finally… I found out that it’s possible to sketch on my phone using only the Note app and my trusty index finger. 

See ya… gotta use some of these things and go make some art!

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