Water, Water… Not Everywhere

Wednesday was World Water Day.

It’s commemorated each March 22nd to focus interest on the world wide water crisis.  This year’s theme was “wastewater“.

I can’t stop thinking of how fortunate I am in the United States to have such a glut of clean, potable water that I can afford to have it all with just a turn of my hand. I can wash my car with it and even flush my waste with it.

That’s crazy!

There’s not much I can do about that but I can take small steps. One of my favorite water saving tricks is the temporary shutoff valve I’ve installed in my shower.  It’s an inexpensive ($10 or less… here’s just one example) insert which allows me to turn the water off or at least down as I lather and wash.  I then just turn the lever and I have a full stream of water to rinse.

It’s just one little thing I can do to keep clean water flowing. 

I bet you have some tricks too… I’m all ears!

2 thoughts on “Water, Water… Not Everywhere

  1. Soooooooo….I never really thought much about it until I was having lunch with some friends and one of them (might be named Dana) mentioned that she even used the leftover water from water bottles to water plants. hum….good idea, so now I’m not just doing that, but also refusing to ‘serve’ water at family meals unless the family member signs a legal document that they will drink it or be subjected to the wrath of Mom!!! I had noticed (and resented) in the past that family members would ask for water with their meals (wine being consumed) and NEVER TOUCH THE GLASS!!!!!!!! This would just add more dirty dishes to be washed and hadn’t I been in the kitchen long enough? Called them out on it! They now know if they ask for water they had better deliver an empty glass at the end of the meal…but I’m not pushy or anything…(Dana I can hear you laughing!)

    Another way I save, is when eating out and water is automatically delivered to the table, I will drink everyone else’s water before I ask for a refill. I play musical water glasses, server might think I’m weird, but I tip well so I’m sure they don’t care!

    Good post and see you do have influences on others, in a very good positive way, but my family might not appreciate it.



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