#InkTober2017 – Days 1 – 5

Last time I was here I was blathering on about showing you my InkTober sketches. Have I done it?  No!

That all changes now. 

I used photos from the Sktchy app as my references. If you have an iPhone or an iPad I highly recommend you download this app and check out the wonderful art being created by all the users. I’m honored to have my pieces included with theirs. 

I will show you all of them… both successes and failures but I’m going to split them up into groups of five… and one last to celebrate Halloween. 

But first, the first five.

Day 1 – #Swift

Day 2 – #Divided

Day 3 – #Poison

Day 4 – #Underwater

Day 5 – #Long

You can’t see that I used pearlescent ink on the flamingo so I took another trying to get the shine. 

Yup… all ink… even the backgrounds. 

2 thoughts on “#InkTober2017 – Days 1 – 5

  1. Looks great!! I really like the pearlescents, probably like it even more in person, I’m a glitter girl. Interesting mix of subjects…man on a motorcycle, spider, person in water…

    Anyway, keep up the great work and thanks for sharing!! hugs!

    • … and I’m not a glitter girl but I do love the pearlescents. As for the mix of subjects… that’s the problem with doing prompts. It’s hard to get a flow going… the only common thing is that I’m working from other people’s photos.


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