#InkTober2017 – Days 21 – 25

Drawing crazed emotional portraits is the absolutely best part of sketching from photos I find on the Sktchy app. Like this gentleman… not exactly an expression we see every day. At least I hope not. 

Day 21 – #Furious

Day 22 – #Trail

Day 23 – #Juicy

Day 24 – #Blind

Day 25 – #Ship

Come back on Monday for the last group of five… and then Tuesday for the final sketch of InkTober. See you then!

1 thought on “#InkTober2017 – Days 21 – 25

  1. Love seeing these! I can’t believe how you make squiggles look like trees! My squiggles just look like scribbles….good job! And trails was my favorite of this batch.


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