Off With Her Hair!

Never have I been more thankful for my hairdresser! And before you judge… yes, my cut was allowed following New Hampshire’s structured reopening plan and masks were worn by all. (I’ve obscured some of the text on these pages for privacy.)



Since a few of my in-person workshops this spring were cancelled I treated myself to a short workshop featuring one of my favorite illustrators, Ohn Mar Win. I’ve been following her on Instagram,  Ohn_Mar_Win, and I’ve been particularly taken with her recent floral illustrations. See for yourself, they’re exquisite!

The best part of taking her class has been revisiting my comic arts dip pen fitted with a flexible G nib. I used it with a favorite permanent ink, DeAtramentis Document Brown.




There’s nothing like learning something new to get me smiling.
In fact, I’m still smiling.

4 thoughts on “Off With Her Hair!

  1. Loving your selfies! I can tell you feel lighter and more like yourself. I’ve not made an appointment yet in my state but am eager, eager…..outgrown bangs are held back by a headband which is a constant accessory these days. Hair in my face is so distracting.

    • Thank you Melissa! I feel for your hair woes… no headbands at my house so I had to snip away. Thank goodness I found a few bobby pins in the junk drawer… they saved my sanity.


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