Video – April Was Fake Journal Month

2020 was my ninth consecutive year of Fake Journaling ever since being tuned on to the process by artist, Roz Stendahl in 2012. She has since stopped her own participation but all the pertinent information is still available on her Official International Fake Journal Blog.

I have all nine years of my fake journals on my dedicated Fake Journal blog…
Skylark Karma.
( skylark karma(dot)wordpress(dot)com )
Each is written by a distinct character, some bearing similarities to me while others couldn’t be more different. This year my character is female. She’s married to Hank and they have two children. The daughter, Lise, is a college freshman and their son, Silas, or Sy for short, is a high school senior. The journal chronicles their daily activity during April 2020 as they adapt to various challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic.

I chose to draw and paint primarily food packaging and produce using Caran d’Ache Aquarelle watercolor pencils with journaling on the opposing pages.

Although I enjoy the daily process I confess my favorite part is making a short video slideshow to share. It’s nearly as good as letting you page through it yourself. You can always stop the video below to read the entries but it definitely would be easier to visit my fake journal blog and start here with April 1st.

Hope you enjoy this three minute escape into another life!

Remember, this is FAKE… no wrists were broken in the making of this journal.


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