I’ve found the ONE!

After trying one and then another, at long last I’ve found the perfect corner rounder for me! I hope you’re not disappointed because you were hoping I was going to dish on something much more juicy.

I present the Sun-Star Kadomaru Pro Corner Cutter. At the time of writing you can find it on Amazon for $12.67 USD

This little beauty can be used to round three different sizes depending on what’s needed. There’s a 3mm, a 5mm, and an 8mm. Does it measure radius? I think so but I’m not sure. I cut a sample card.

5mm is the same as the rounded corner on a self-healing cutting mat and the 8mm is the same as the corner on one of the Hahnemühle watercolor postcards.

Nice smooth corners with no leftover notches or tags like those left by my other rounders. I’ll be reaching for this one from now on!

4 thoughts on “I’ve found the ONE!

    • I actually did a little happy dance around the kitchen after my first punchings. I once was so irritated with my previous one that instead of rounding corners in one of my books I just cut the corners off the pages with an X-acto knife. Not pretty but it did the job. Thanks Bobbie!

  1. It is so pleasurable to find a tool that does JUSSST what you want it to do and does it well! I totally get the happy dance! And isn’t it amazing how rounding a corner change things so dramatically?!

    • Isn’t it though Diane! Rounding corners is so intentional that doing it just seems to elevate the style. I’m torn… do I pawn off my discarded inferior rounder on some unsuspecting second-hand-store crafter? Or do I just add it to the landfill? I’m leaning toward donating and sending a silent apology to the buyer.


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