Yet Another Online Gouache Painting Session

I meant to post this in March but time just slipped away so here I am backdating it (as I post this it is early April) so it will show up in correct chronological order.

On March 12, 2023, I logged into Zoom for another gouache paint-along with Gayle Kabaker and Jennifer Orkin Lewis. Since March is Women’s History Month Gayle and Jennifer chose Women and Pattern for their theme.

I loved creating the quick celebrity portraits on assorted pre-painted colored ovals. The trick is to capture only the defining features, like Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s collar or Frida Kahlo’s eyebrows.

Then it was time to do the portrait of a lady with a fan. I had to go over the white markings in her hair to get decent opacity. I guess I need to get myself a tube of Winsor & Newton white gouache. It’s Gayle and Jennifer’s recommended brand for just that reason.

I don’t usually work with gouache outside of these online workshops but I do enjoy the fun few hours departure as I paint with other artists around the globe.


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