Antidote for Cabin Fever

I’ve got a bad case of cabin fever.

It’s been way too cold to even think of sketching or painting outside; temperatures have lingered in the teens for so long, I feel sure if I removed my heavy expedition-weight mittens for a minute, ice crystals would form!

But then my friend, Michelle Goldsmith of Pleading Quilty, gave me this gorgeous “Drawing Glove” she found on Etsy.  Incredibly, my spirits lifted as I put it on and imagined all the places we’d go.


Funky isn’t it?  No, it’s certainly not heavy enough to use right now but it’ll be perfect in spring when there’s still a cool breeze… and it’s in my favorite color too!drawingglove4


Ahhhhh… spring.

Tomorrow, March 1st, marks the beginning of Spring… meteorologically speaking. I know it’s still three weeks ’till astronomical spring but I feel better knowing we’ve left the three coldest months of the year behind.

And I’m just that much closer to sketching outside again!