A touch of Spring

ISP!   … or in our family’s language:

It’s So Pretty!

Yes, It’s snowing again.  Now, don’t get me wrong… it IS pretty, but it’s been so white here for quite a while that I’m longing for some color… and Spring is still a month away.  I’d love a house filled with greenery and flowers but we live with an adorable but destructive cat. Nothing is safe.  Up ’till now this has forced me to give all gifts of plants and bouquets to my friends and neighbors.


But I’ve had an ah-ha moment!  It seems she disdains anything in the narcissus family.  I was able to grow paperwhites this winter and I’ve had a vase of daffodils in the window to which she’s only reacted with mild curiosity.  She’s a tricolor with an erratic temperament so I take nothing for granted… into my sketchbook they go!

140217 DaffodilsI’m grateful for a touch of Spring as the snow keeps falling.