#30x30DirectWatercolor2018… Part One

I just finished a daily painting challenge for the month of June. This was all spearheaded by Marc Taro Holmes and the point was to create a daily watercolor without relying on an initial pen or pencil sketch for guidance.

Whew! Often I felt as if I was walking a tightrope without a net and at times I needed to talk myself through the fear just to start! I’d sit there with a loaded brush hesitant to touch the page.

But begin I did. These would never be considered among my finest work but I knew I’d never get to my goal without practice. I’m going to show you my month’s work in chronological order.

June 1st – Sktchy portrait

Poppies from my side garden, painted in plein air.

Our black kitty and her favorite spot.

Both of our cats as models.

As I wrote above… I was really missing having my pen lines to guide me. I think this marks the end of my whining and the start of me getting my brain thinking of seeing volumes instead of lines.

I’ll post the next batch on Monday… hope to see you then!


Elegant Bleeding

I was cleaning out my sketch bag when I found a pen in one of the pockets… totally forgotten. I also forgot how much I enjoyed working with it for fast sketching. It’s Speedball’s felt-tipped calligraphy pen, the Elegant Writer. 


I don’t know if you can purchase them separately but I bought a set of four at my local art supply store. There are two 2.0mm Fine pens, one 2.5mm Medium pen and one 3.0mm Bold pen. 

This is the 3.0mm nib.

It has a lovely chiseled tip which gives great line variation. 
And the bleeding!  Did I mention the bleeding?!?

The black ink bleeds into gorgeous pink, blue and purple when hit with water. 

I don’t think I’ll forget it any time soon!

A touch of Spring

ISP!   … or in our family’s language:

It’s So Pretty!

Yes, It’s snowing again.  Now, don’t get me wrong… it IS pretty, but it’s been so white here for quite a while that I’m longing for some color… and Spring is still a month away.  I’d love a house filled with greenery and flowers but we live with an adorable but destructive cat. Nothing is safe.  Up ’till now this has forced me to give all gifts of plants and bouquets to my friends and neighbors.


But I’ve had an ah-ha moment!  It seems she disdains anything in the narcissus family.  I was able to grow paperwhites this winter and I’ve had a vase of daffodils in the window to which she’s only reacted with mild curiosity.  She’s a tricolor with an erratic temperament so I take nothing for granted… into my sketchbook they go!

140217 DaffodilsI’m grateful for a touch of Spring as the snow keeps falling.