I Caved…

but no guilt… no excuses!

I wasn’t planning on taking the latest Sketchbook Skool offering, Let’s Make A Map, but after seeing some of the work on They Draw and Travel, an online map-art site, I’ve been inspired to do one of my own.

I signed up late last night and started in on the lessons. First up… drawing a compass rose.


I still need to figure out WHAT I’ll be mapping but at least I’ll be able to show you which way is North!

Elegant Bleeding

I was cleaning out my sketch bag when I found a pen in one of the pockets… totally forgotten. I also forgot how much I enjoyed working with it for fast sketching. It’s Speedball’s felt-tipped calligraphy pen, the Elegant Writer. 


I don’t know if you can purchase them separately but I bought a set of four at my local art supply store. There are two 2.0mm Fine pens, one 2.5mm Medium pen and one 3.0mm Bold pen. 

This is the 3.0mm nib.

It has a lovely chiseled tip which gives great line variation. 
And the bleeding!  Did I mention the bleeding?!?

The black ink bleeds into gorgeous pink, blue and purple when hit with water. 

I don’t think I’ll forget it any time soon!

I is for Ink (Blogging A to Z)

Ink… particularly, white ink for illumination, written with a dip pen.

For the life of me I can’t remember which of these Higgins inks I liked better.  I vaguely remember thinking I preferred the opposite of what I presumed would be the better choice.  If that’s true, then I preferred the basic White over the Super White.

Done on saturated watercolor for a Val Webb class – Drawn and Decorated Watercolor Lettering.  Highly recommended! … and you can give it a try … she’s giving the class again in June.  Check it out here!

I-illuminated ink