Autumn Experimentation

Before we get to the new year which, surprisingly is less than two weeks away, I want to share a few of my sketchbook experiments from the fall. 

Back when I started this journal in September I added a few fold out pages here and there. This is my first from September 8th. (I usually date my pages but I missed this one.)

I went to a local farm with a few artist friends and as they spread out to paint the rolling landscape I chose to capture the barn. The silo would fit perfectly on the left fold up once the page was expanded. 

I positioned myself so the truck would be hidden when the page was closed.

I added some fancy lettering and continued the grass across the base to complete the page. 

Page size and shape presents different challenges to my sense of composition. I have a few other fold out experiments to share so stay tuned!

L is for Lettering (Blogging A to Z)


This quote has resonated with me ever since I first saw it on Roz Stendahl’s blog.  Please see her take on her mentor’s quote and be sure to read the last paragraph…  you won’t regret it!

Lettering quotes in my journal is meditative.  It takes time, time to reflect on how the words are a part of me.  Time to reflect on the soul of art.



I is for Ink (Blogging A to Z)

Ink… particularly, white ink for illumination, written with a dip pen.

For the life of me I can’t remember which of these Higgins inks I liked better.  I vaguely remember thinking I preferred the opposite of what I presumed would be the better choice.  If that’s true, then I preferred the basic White over the Super White.

Done on saturated watercolor for a Val Webb class – Drawn and Decorated Watercolor Lettering.  Highly recommended! … and you can give it a try … she’s giving the class again in June.  Check it out here!

I-illuminated ink



Alphabetica !

Who would have thought plain old letters could be so much fun in a journal? Mary Ann Moss did! And boy, am I grateful.


Wednesday was as absolutely gorgeous day and I had absolutely nothing on my schedule. Ahhhh… a perfect day to pour a cool drink, sit under the umbrella and work on my Sketchbookery!




hmmmmmm… pretty, but a little bland. It needs……… splashes!