Alphabetica !

Who would have thought plain old letters could be so much fun in a journal? Mary Ann Moss did! And boy, am I grateful.


Wednesday was as absolutely gorgeous day and I had absolutely nothing on my schedule. Ahhhh… a perfect day to pour a cool drink, sit under the umbrella and work on my Sketchbookery!




hmmmmmm… pretty, but a little bland. It needs……… splashes!



Sketchbookery Sketchbook and a Fix!

Tuesday is new lesson day in Sketchbookery… and I spent the afternoon watching class videos. ( … and Germany slaughter Brazil in the World Cup semi-final.)

I also made a certified Mary Ann Moss sketchbook!

The covers were salvaged from an old copy of A Manual of Style selected for its gorgeous orange color… that and the fact that it only cost 50 cents! No bookbinding tape so I needed to get creative when it came to making the spine.


I’ve done some bookbinding and have made homemade book cloth by bonding a length of fabric to tissue paper using fusible web… something like Wonder-Under or Heat n’ Bond Lite.  That I had!  I cut a 2 inch strip and bound it to the covers using PVA glue just like Mary Ann showed. Want to do this but don’t think you have PVA? Well, that’s what Elmer’s glue is! Yeah, maybe it’s not “archival” but I’m making this for me… not for eternity!

After it dried it was time to pouch the holes. Nope, no fancy Japanese Hole Punch thingie either.  Just used my thickest awl, a sharp needle (ouch) and standard 4-ply bookbinders thread.  Love the look… but it doesn’t stay completely closed!


Maybe I have too many papers or they’re too thick or I didn’t bone them down enough to get a good crease but at an inch it’s just a titch too tight at the spine. But I can fix that too!


I made an elastic band to go around the journal! Actually, I make them for all my journals. I schlep them around in my purse and the band keeps the papers from getting dinged up. If you’re interested in making one for your sketchbook, it’s just a 2 inch band of elastic I got at my local Joann’s, stitched together with the raw edges sealed with a zig-zag stitch. Nothing fancy.


Now for the unexpected benefit of the elastic band… It keeps my pen with my sketchbook and I never have to hunt for the pen in the black hole that is the bottom of my bag!

140709-sketchbook6 - Version 2


You can see it’s fairly low profile, protected as it fits in the space between the pages and the edges of the cover. My Lamy shown here is a thick pen; if you carry something thinner like a Micron, it’ll nestle right in there.


Can’t wait to use it but I guess sketchbooks are like potato chips… can’t make just one. Sketchbook #2 is drying right now!

Sketchbookery and Me!

I didn’t really need another online class… but that’s never stopped me! I’m taking Sketchbookery with Mary Ann Moss of Dispatch From LA fame!

I’ve long been a fan of her unfailing upbeat art and humor and never had a chance to take one of her classes ’till now.  I’m just under a week into it and I’m loving it!

We’ll soon be making our own sketchbook but Mary Ann wanted to get us working on our drawing and watercolors right away. First up:  make watercolor reference cards for our palette… or, as in my case… palettes!


I know… I know!!! …….but I need them!  ok, ok, I admit, I’m addicted. I’ve actually used them all but you can see the current favorites by their messiness.




Practice, practice, practice!

Class is filled at the moment but you can give yourself a Christmas… Hanukkah… Kwanzaa… or New Year’s gift.  Next session begins December 26th!