Sketchbookery and Me!

I didn’t really need another online class… but that’s never stopped me! I’m taking Sketchbookery with Mary Ann Moss of Dispatch From LA fame!

I’ve long been a fan of her unfailing upbeat art and humor and never had a chance to take one of her classes ’till now.  I’m just under a week into it and I’m loving it!

We’ll soon be making our own sketchbook but Mary Ann wanted to get us working on our drawing and watercolors right away. First up:  make watercolor reference cards for our palette… or, as in my case… palettes!


I know… I know!!! …….but I need them!  ok, ok, I admit, I’m addicted. I’ve actually used them all but you can see the current favorites by their messiness.




Practice, practice, practice!

Class is filled at the moment but you can give yourself a Christmas… Hanukkah… Kwanzaa… or New Year’s gift.  Next session begins December 26th!

4 thoughts on “Sketchbookery and Me!

  1. It makes me so happy to see all of your palettes! I haven’t done that yet but I will as soon as I arrange the colors on one that requires some revision. You know, they’re always evolving. 🙂

    • So true! I actually had to refill and clean one of them before I could even think of getting the camera out. I had forgotten what yellows I had put in it. Thank goodness it was almost empty!


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