L is for Lettering (Blogging A to Z)


This quote has resonated with me ever since I first saw it on Roz Stendahl’s blog.  Please see her take on her mentor’s quote and be sure to read the last paragraph…  you won’t regret it!

Lettering quotes in my journal is meditative.  It takes time, time to reflect on how the words are a part of me.  Time to reflect on the soul of art.



Crazy, Crazy April

As I have the last 3 years, I will be participating again in IFJM – International Fake Journal MonthRoz Stendhal‘s creation.  If you’re new here and haven’t heard about this wonderful April project please follow the links above.  Just be prepared to lose yourself in the interwebs as you learn.

Roz has chosen “[considered] TRUTHS” as this year’s… slogan? motto?


How will I handle this?  To find out please consider visiting my dedicated IFJM blog:  SkylarkKarma.wordpress.com. I hope to post my character’s journal pages daily… come, follow my progress!

And, as if I didn’t have enough to do, I’ve also decided to participate in Blogging A to Z.  Oh no… it runs in April too!  Basically, on April 1st we’re to blog about something beginning with the letter A, the 2nd is the letter B, etc.  Sundays are our day of rest… no posting.  That way, on April 30th, we’ll all be posting about zebras… or zithers, or zzzzzs!  There’s a big sign-up process but I’m not sure I’ll jump through that hoop but I may reconsider

Now don’t be expecting too much.  I figure a photo and a bit of text will be as much as I can manage. This is an opportunity to look back, share a few pages from the archives along with some recent work.  I’ll be doing that here on danaburrellart.com so stay tuned.


Lots going on… I hope I didn’t bite off too much.  Wish me luck!

Mo Momentum. EDiM 8-14

I love Every Day in May… and I finally found a link to the list of daily prompts on Jana Bouc’s blog!

140508 EDiM08

It’s wonderful, just do something… anything… each and every day in May.

140509 EDiM09

It can be as simple or elaborate as you wish and have time for. As you can see from the above page… I was really busy last Friday!

140510 EDiM10

Draw something small.

140511 EDiM11

Draw something alive.

140512 EDiM12

Upload for everyone to see or keep it private in your own sketchbook, the benefits are the same.

140513 EDiM13

You cement a creative habit!

140514 EDiM14

Do your creative self a favor……      Just Do It!

Think You Can’t Paint? Just Try the Waterlogue App!

Have you ever taken a photo and said… “I’m going to paint this scene after I’m home!” … and then never did?

Well, that’s TOTALLY my M.O.! So many photographs, so little time! I took this photo of shorebirds on my recent trip to San Diego. (I tried looking them up… are they Marbled Godwits?)  I was definitely going to take my watercolors out and paint them.

Marbled Godwit

BWA-HA-HA!!!!!     … that was a month ago.

Enter the Waterlogue app. First off… you’ll need and Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 7. The two creators, John Balestrieri and Robert Clair are working on a version that will run on a desktop/laptop Mac running OSX but it isn’t available yet. And sorry, you Android folks are out of luck.

Waterlogue will allow you to choose from 12 algorithms and paints an image as you might, sketching first, then painting light to dark.

Click each image to enlarge.

Waterlogue - Natural

Waterlogue – Natural

Waterlogue - Bold

Waterlogue – Bold

Waterlogue - Luminous

Waterlogue – Luminous

Waterlogue - It's Technical

Waterlogue – It’s Technical

Waterlogue - Travelogue

Waterlogue – Travelogue

Waterlogue - Rainy

Waterlogue – Rainy

Waterlogue - Illustration

Waterlogue – Illustration

Waterlogue - Soaked

Waterlogue – Soaked

Waterlogue - Shallow

Waterlogue – Shallow

Waterlogue - Color Bloom

Waterlogue – Color Bloom

Waterlogue - Fashionable

Waterlogue – Fashionable

Waterlogue - Blotted

Waterlogue – Blotted

I’m rather fond of Natural and Color Bloom but each choice is amazing!

Is it original art? No, after all, it’s still a copy. Will I give up my watercolors? Heck no! But this is so much fun just for the immediacy of it, I envision using it as a model to emulate with my brush and paints.

It’s the best $2.99 I’ve ever spent! Find it in the App Store and prepare to lose yourself as you play. Isn’t that what art’s all about anyway?

Stephanie Reininger – Watercolor Demo at Long River Studios

Saturday, April 19th was the date of World Wide SketchCrawl #43! Coincidentally, I went to an artist demonstration at Long River Studios, a gallery in Lyme, NH that specializes in works by local artists. Hmmmm… two birds, one stone?

Long River Studio

Stephanie Reininger, a watercolorist, demonstrated her loose and expressive style for a group of avid admirers. I did a quick gesture sketch to document my day and then settled in to absorb her fluid watercolor technique and try to grasp as much technical information as possible.



S.R. Palette


Thank you David and Lisa Chelone for bringing this unique experience to your gallery!  We all were blown away by your open and welcoming friendship, and of course, the awesome blueberry buckle!

And special thanks to Stephanie Reininger! You’ve inspired me to work larger and outside my beloved sketchbook!

S.R.5One last thank you… to Michelle Goldsmith, who spied the advertisement and gave me a quick email!  You’re the best!



Why Keep a Journal

Your journal can be a memory keeper and a tool for inner exploration.  It is a receptacle for your hopes and dreams and an incubator for your creative expression.  You can create a journal meant for public consumption, as an Art Journal would be, or it can be private, a place where you can bare your soul.  You can use it to hold ideas not quite formed… a place where you can return time and time again to revisit those ideas and build on them.

In the last few weeks I’ve watched this video innumerable times.  It speaks to me.  I do bind my own journals, not exactly like these, but my intent is the same.  My journal is my friend and accompanies me as I travel through life.  A place for reflection.

Many thanks to Mary Ann Moss of Dispatch from LA for bringing this to my attention in her blog post.

I’ll show you a few of my journals next time… ’till then, please enjoy listening to the birds and visualizing yourself inside these lush images of Penland, North Carolina where Paulus and his students create their books, or as Paulus says himself… “portable studio”.

Soul’s Kitchen from TOTM Film on Vimeo