Mo Momentum. EDiM 8-14

I love Every Day in May… and I finally found a link to the list of daily prompts on Jana Bouc’s blog!

140508 EDiM08

It’s wonderful, just do something… anything… each and every day in May.

140509 EDiM09

It can be as simple or elaborate as you wish and have time for. As you can see from the above page… I was really busy last Friday!

140510 EDiM10

Draw something small.

140511 EDiM11

Draw something alive.

140512 EDiM12

Upload for everyone to see or keep it private in your own sketchbook, the benefits are the same.

140513 EDiM13

You cement a creative habit!

140514 EDiM14

Do your creative self a favor……      Just Do It!

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