Breaking a Slump

Today as I got on the treadmill for my regular 50 minute trek I pulled out my iPod and plugged in my earphones.

HORRORS!!! … the battery had no juice!

Now I shouldn’t have been shocked by this.  I’ve been in a bit of a slump. Two weeks have passed without me going to the gym.  My music just sat in the bag, all its charge draining away.  This slump has also invaded my artistic life.  Sure, I’ve been working on lessons for a class I’m taking… but my daily personal journal?  … the one I take with me everywhere… uh, no new entries.

So I gave myself a kick in the butt, put on my gear and got back on the treadmill.  I was a bit concerned about my lack of tunes.  Could I go the distance?  Would I give up early?

I did not!  In fact, I had an amazing workout!  And no, I didn’t  walk longer or harder, nor did I break any records.  But I did have breakthrough.  No longer bound to mentally sing along with my playlist, my brain was free to just wander.  I planned this post and another and decided how I wanted to finish a few sketchbooks I’m binding.  I even decided how to break the stalemate I have with my journal.

140204 iPod

So, next time you find yourself in a slump try a little exercise and be sure to try it at least once without a soundtrack.  Just go where your body and mind takes you.