As Long As I’m Dreaming

I’m into week four of my summer gouache adventure.

My original thought was to use gouache exclusively for a month but that just wasn’t to be. I often work away from home, sometimes in a café, and my palette’s just too large to carry with me all the time. I have a smaller empty palette at the ready; I just need to stop procrastinating and fill it!

I’m loving Mary Ann Moss’s OMG! class videos and she’s given us plenty of sketching subject ideas but so far my pages have been inspired by my fellow classmates. Case in point, one artist  painted her favorite sparkling water… I joined in by painting mine!

Daler-Rowney Pro White… I couldn’t have lettered without it.

Oh No!!! I’ve misspelled the type of mango! Luckily, I had made a practice page before I lettered. The base is acrylic paint… plastic, right? Could I wash off my transposed letters?

Oh Yeah! …….. whew… a save.

Time for more experimentation.  I’ve finished each of my sketchbooks with a self portrait, sometimes in ink, sometimes in watercolor, This time it was all about the gouache!

And then a favorite painting reduced from 8 foot square to less than 8 inches square in my journal!

I could live in this painting.

As long as I’m dreaming…