Halfway Point for International Fake Journal Month

There’s a lot to celebrate today. The snow is totally gone from my garden, I’ve paid my taxes and I’m halfway into my April project, Roz Stendahl’s creation, International Fake Journal Month.

This year’s motto, No Explanations, means there’ll be no details ’till May but I do have 15 images for you to checkout on my dedicated IFJM blog: skylark karma.wordpress.com. If you’re a stickler for reading consecutive posts feel free to start with the April 1st post and go from there!

IFJM2014 1-15

Posting daily seems to keep me on my toes so be sure to return as the month progresses and remember…

No Explanations!

2 thoughts on “Halfway Point for International Fake Journal Month

  1. What an inspirition you are, I have been listening to Jane Pauley’s autobiography and she is talking about reinvention – and as I am now not knowing what to do that is what I am doing and start by opeening studio-disaster after winter closure, cleaning and throwing away, and finiallly reached a opoint and shampooed my rugs on Monday- now just to pay my bills and maybe even start a fake journal or I have been thinking of doing a picture poster of things that I really like….

    Sorrry for the mess must goto bank before Rotary at 12 and am sitting bare naked. Janet, in stitches

  2. Thanks Janet! Jane Pauley is fantastic and I’d love to hear t=her take on reinvention…I’m going to look it up on the library site right now.

    And I chuckled Janet when I saw your familiar sign off… “in stitches”.
    It seems you’re without a stitch on!
    Nothing like a little TMI to liven up a blog. 😉


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