Five Day Art Challenge – Day Five

Day 5… and final day… of my Five Day Art Challenge.

Today, as an homage to Roz Stendahl, and her creation, IFJM – International Fake Journal Month I’m sharing an image from each of my previous fake journals.

What is a fake journal? Well, it’s a chance for you to be someone else and keep a journal as that person. It doesn’t have to be a visual journal although that’s what I did for the last three years. Each year I’ve chosen an art goal and made a commitment to have an entry for each day in the month of April to coincide with other fake journalers.

In 2012 I had 2 goals – to sketch a person each day in ink and watercolor and create a narrative for my journal keeper. If you’d like to see my entire 2012 IFJM journal from the beginning start with my April 1st post and forward through the “next” posts.


2013’s goal was to work in gouache over pre-painted acrylic backgrounds and of course, have that all-important, at least to me, back story of the artist. Here’s the link to see how I selected my physical journal as well as the link for the first post of my 2013 Fake Journal.


In 2014 I used a small set of watercolor pencils in my journal and again my character had her own life lurking behind those pages. See my journal selection and the April 1st journal entry if you’d like to see it all from the beginning.


If you’d like to know more about International Fake Journal Month please visit to see Roz’s journals and get a feel for the whole experience.

And yes, I’ll be participating again this year… don’t have a goal or a character yet but it’s early… I have nearly two months to figure it out. Be sure to visit “me” or whomever I “am” at

I hope to see you in April!


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