01 October 2015 – #Inktober

Time and time again I’ve tried to work consistently from prompts and time and time again I’ve consistently failed.  That’s why I’m planning to do InkTober!  It’s a month long challenge but there are no pre-assigned prompts!  Just make a drawing, post it and link it with the hashtag #inktober.

Yipee!  Who knew I’d be such a rebel… I like choosing what I want to draw!

Today is the very first International Coffee Day… I celebrated. Did you?



4 thoughts on “01 October 2015 – #Inktober

  1. Dana! Me too! I have lost steam on that 12 week class you and I were taking, and need to just play with the toys again for a while. Starting with the inspiration of your lovely background swoosh with a drawing on top. Thanks, sis!

    • “lost steam” … Boy, don’t I know it! I’m there too… lost in limbo between lessons 4 and 5. That should make you feel better, I know you’re farther than that.

      We’ll just keep inspiring each other and keep makin’ art!



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