Accordion or Concertina?

So what do you call it? Just wondering, but in my limited experience I believe the term most commonly used is accordion in the states and concertina in the UK. (An accordion to me is a musical instrument even though I’m in the states.)

I’ve been fascinated by concertina books for years, first with this book by Suzanne Hughes, and then with books like this one created by Lynne Chapman. (be sure to click on the full panorama at the end of her post.)

Then a friend turned me on to Ed Mostly’s blog, Mostly Drawing. Not only does he post beautiful artwork but he’s experimenting with book arts. Ed created a concertina book with overlapping covers for drawing support. I urge you to read this post as I could never explain his methodology as clearly as he does.

I was so intrigued I created two models with remnants from previous efforts.

Yeah, my books have issues. The folds don’t line up, the hinges could be wider, but all in all I’m quite pleased.

Ooops! Forgive the cat hair.

AND………. I kept the one with orange end sheets and sent the blue and green flowered one to my friend. Together we’ll see if they’ll work for us!


No, no… thank YOU!

9 thoughts on “Accordion or Concertina?

  1. LOVE my book! As always, trying to use it instead of worship it 🙂 See my post on Facebook… now off the internet and to the sketchbook!

  2. Love this – just a quick question – did you make one of the hinges wider than the other? Or both deep enough to be the ‘top’ cover so that either could work? I hope that question makes sense……. !!

    • I did. The left hinge is slightly wider than the right… Just over half an inch. I used that measurement after measuring the depth of the accordion. I used Strathmore Aquarius II paper which at 170gsm is significantly thinner than 140lb or 300gsm paper. I also don’t plan on flipping the book when I start working on the opposite side as it looks like Ed Mostly did. So for me the left cover would always open before the right. Hope this helps Jane. I’ll be happy to answer any other questions too. I sense you may make one too… please share if you do!

      • Thanks Dana – I just love reading about book structures but I may well try this out one day!


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