Update to Going Negative

I remembered where I got the idea to do multiple views of a subject using its negative space. Yes, it was Koosje Koene, but it was in the recently updated Free Sample class on the new Sketchbook Skool site.

If you haven’t yet taken a class from Sketchbook Skool, this is a great way to taste what they have to offer… and did I mention it’s FREE?!?  Just sign up and give it a whirl.

And if you took the Free Sample course a few years ago, sign up anyway.  As I said, it’s updated with brand new material.



2 thoughts on “Update to Going Negative

  1. It’s interesting to me, how I see things differently when you draw them. I seem to notice more details of the object. Like the polka dot background on this one.

    • I painted the pages with yellow/orange and then cut out rough circles from blue painters tape. Some of the blue paint seeped under the edges when I painted over them. I guess that tape works better on walls than on paper! It takes a mighty fine eye to look beyond the sketch to the background… thanks Joanne!


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