Done Fakin’ It ‘Till Next Year

April has come and gone and I’ve been finished with my Fake Journal for two weeks.  I took a lovely break, went on vacation, and am back with my wrap-up.

I’ll be posting the full wrap-up on Skylark Karma, my fake journal blog, but as I’m unable to share video there I’m going to post it here instead!


If this video doesn’t play you can also watch it through YouTube.

If this piques your interest be sure to check out the daily postings of my 2017 Fake Journal… that way you can easily read my character’s daily writings.

Hope to see you there!

6 thoughts on “Done Fakin’ It ‘Till Next Year

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    • Sandra, I took the video with my iPhone and downloaded it to Photos on my Mac laptop. I was able to shorten both the leading image and the final few seconds right there without opening it in iMovie. Once that was done I just exported it in HD. (shift-command-E). That’s the quick and dirty method… no added text or music. I’ve thought about learning the finer points but then I realize there’s a ton of other stuff that needs doing… plus I’d rather be sketching anyway.

      And I use a mount from Joby to attach to my old tripod. Works great and when I’m done it goes back on the gorillapod and it’s ready for travel. They have lots of options.

      I’m so glad you like the book! Her faces are very stylistic and may not be everyone’s taste but I find them compelling. Lovely but not cutesy.


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