Art as a Coping Mechanism

The Coronavirus pandemic has all the world’s inhabitants on edge, including me.

As we search for ways to cope some people turn to information gathering, some turn to science and others to their faith. Some, like me, turn to all of these and run it through the “art filter” in our brains.

This information goes into my addled brain, swirls around as I try to make sense of it, and then comes out through my hand onto my journal pages. Often it’s still an entry of jumbled thoughts, but I’m comforted by the act. It’s one small way I can adapt… an arrow in my quiver of coping mechanisms.

As I wrote on my March 16th journal spread, “The only thing constant is change.”




(My take on Edvard Munch’s The Scream, and two Sktchy portraits in a Hahnemühle Nostalgie Sketch Book – A5 portrait) (some text obscured for privacy.)

4 thoughts on “Art as a Coping Mechanism

    • Did you notice? All my models are touching their faces, even Munch! Tsk-tsk. It’s a really hard habit to break. Hope you’re doing well high up in your aerie… stay safe my friend.

  1. Thanks Dana! Lots of uncertainty as status changes are occurring daily. Munch’s character looks to be trapped on a cruise ship! All my events are cancelled for at least a month or more so I’ve plenty of time to create and have taken advantage. Strange to be feeling happy at such a time.

    • Thanks Melissa! A friend turned this around in my head when she asked me when have I ever been given the gift of time. It’s been freeing to set our own schedules hasn’t it? We choose our happiness and I’m glad you’re looking for the rainbow behind the clouds!


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