Stay Home – Stay Strong

… and keep drawing. That’s been my mantra all through this month of social distancing. Yes, I miss meeting up with my art buddies but I refuse to let that stop me. After all, it’s my art journal that helps me make sense of the world and keeps me sane (or some semblance of it.)

By the way… have you noticed how the news outlets each spells this disease differently?
COVID-19, Covid-19, covid-19.
Well I read on our local e-newletter that it’s really an acronym for “coronavirus disease 2019”. Both Merriam-Webster and the AP Stylebook prefer the all caps version, the New York Times prefers Covid, and The Economist has been going with covid.

I think I’ll go with COVID-19, mainly because I had no idea it was an acronym… I learned something!





Moleskine Art Collection – Watercolor Notebook – A5 portait orientation
subjects drawn from photos posted on the Sktchy app.


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