Big Book Binding Bash – Autumn 2020

Thirteen sketchbooks bound!

From left to right:
Two – Fabriano Artistico Hot Press Extra White 140 lb. / 300 gsm (72 pages/book)
One – Fabriano Artistico Cold Press Traditional White 90 lb. / 200 gsm. (84 pages/book)
Two – Fabriano Artistico Hot Press Traditional White 90 lb. / 200gsm. (72 pages/book)
Eight – Strathmore 500 Mixed Media 90 lb. / 190 gsm (84 pages/book)

I can buy commercially made portrait and landscape sketchbooks containing acceptable paper, but I make books so I can have the size and format I like, here nearly 7.5 in. square, with paper that’s better than merely acceptable. And I like to dress up my books by covering the front with sparkly acrylic ink painted paper. It adds personality as well as keeping me oriented so I don’t have random upside down sketches included when I’m done.

I really should shelve all my unused sketchbooks together and take a complete inventory since I have no idea how many others are waiting in the wings… but can there be too many?

Not if they’re used. I’m off to get some sketching done!

3 thoughts on “Big Book Binding Bash – Autumn 2020

  1. Congratulations Dana! What a juicy pile of opportunities waiting to be explored. Love the covers and no doubt the quality papers inside are lovely as well. Most commercial journals truly disappoint in paper quality and you’ve met the challenge beautifully.

  2. Whoooooa! Gorgeous, and not at all surprising! I absolutely love the insides and outsides of all of your sketchbooks. What stunning work, and what a great role model you are because you actually use them!


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