Big Book Binding Bash – Autumn 2020

Thirteen sketchbooks bound!

From left to right:
Two – Fabriano Artistico Hot Press Extra White 140 lb. / 300 gsm (72 pages/book)
One – Fabriano Artistico Cold Press Traditional White 90 lb. / 200 gsm. (84 pages/book)
Two – Fabriano Artistico Hot Press Traditional White 90 lb. / 200gsm. (72 pages/book)
Eight – Strathmore 500 Mixed Media 90 lb. / 190 gsm (84 pages/book)

I can buy commercially made portrait and landscape sketchbooks containing acceptable paper, but I make books so I can have the size and format I like, here nearly 7.5 in. square, with paper that’s better than merely acceptable. And I like to dress up my books by covering the front with sparkly acrylic ink painted paper. It adds personality as well as keeping me oriented so I don’t have random upside down sketches included when I’m done.

I really should shelve all my unused sketchbooks together and take a complete inventory since I have no idea how many others are waiting in the wings… but can there be too many?

Not if they’re used. I’m off to get some sketching done!