A Fitting Tribute

On Thursday I watched numerous cultural luminaries sing the praises of Congressman John Lewis during his funeral celebration at the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church. There were family, friends and past presidents including President Obama, each one speaking glowingly, but only one captured my interest so completely. Jamila Thompson, John Lewis’ Deputy Chief of Staff spoke so eloquently I needed to revisit her speech on YouTube.

Thank you Ms. Thompson, you did Mr. Lewis proud.

As a staff, we are heartbroken; we are lost, but we know that the work continues, the fight remains, and we cannot – we must not get lost in the sea of despair. So if asked how you may honor the congressman, I will echo the words of the greats who stood here before. You can make sure that his work, his sacrifice, his message lives on, and that there’re actions that every person can do regardless of their age or their station in life. Be kind, be mindful, recognize the dignity and the worth of every human being. Be the best version of yourself. Be informed, stay engaged, even though the work is hard. And, if you’re of age and eligible, for the love of God, please vote. Thank you.

Jamila Thompson
John Lewis’ Deputy Chief of Staff
30 July, 2020
Ebenezer Baptist Church
Atlanta, Georgia

The Days Got Away from Me

Recently I’ve been trying to be a more predictable blog poster… a quote on Monday and other art on Friday. My Monday posts are all set for a few weeks but Friday’s posts are usually recent work that I schedule by Thursday to publish early the next morning.

Ah, but life gets busy. Thursday evaporated as I got in the flow with a big book binding project and Friday turned out to be more of the same.

Dinner consisted of reheatables dressed up with one of my favorite seasonal dishes… Pomegranate Olive Relish. I’m just thankful I remembered to paint the Pom before making it!

I like this method of separating the arils, but I do it without the water bath. It works!

Strathmore 500 Mixed Media Journal

When Do I Know I’m Done?

I thought I was done… scanned it and closed the book.

I was happy, at least I thought I was, yet I knew something was off. I studied it using what Roz Stendahl calls the “editing eye”. This isn’t some rash commentary from my internal critic but an honest review of technique and composition to determine what could be improved.

Although I lost the tilt of his head in comparison to the inspiration photo I could live with that. Instead I focused on how washed out my watercolors looked. Now that was something I could change.

Another layer of darker pigments for his hair and beard and a deeper orange glaze for his jacket and I was done.

Not perfect… but done.

#Arteza A4 watercolor book