Five Day Art Challenge – Day Three

As I was looking though my sketchbook/illustrated journals I was reminded that art is more than just images. I often write meaningful quotes in my journals, often with images, but sometimes the words themselves become the art. These came from a particularly difficult 3 week period.

Art heals.





I hope to see you tomorrow for day four!

Five Day Art Challenge – Day Two

I’m a firm believer in documenting my travels; as I flip though my sketchbook I’m immediately transported. I went with family on a long planned Alaska trip almost 2 years ago. As I page though my travel journal I remember each place we visited.

I close my eyes and I’m in the hall where hundreds of these delightful wire fish sculptures were hanging, each one made by a student at the local school.


I can almost feel the cool breeze crossing the water.


And sense the bittersweet feeling I had upon seeing the glorious sunrise as we landed back in the lower 48.


All my photographs could be erased from my hard disk in a major computer disaster and I wouldn’t care… as long as I still had my journal!

Tomorrow… day three.

Five Day Art Challenge – Day One

Have you heard of the Five Day Art Challenge? It’s been going around Facebook for a while. It’s premise is to post 3 images of your art for 5 days. A few weeks ago I was tagged by Roz Stendahl to participate. It was fun to go through my sketchbooks and look for themes and interests that emerged over the years I’ve kept my illustrated journal.

I may call what I do keeping a sketchbook but it’s much more than that. As I repost my images over then next few days I hope to give you a glimpse of how important these books are to me.

Today, day one, and I’ve chosen to show my first watercolor done almost 5 years ago. I cringe every time I see that gray blob that’s supposed to be a shadow!


These 2 were done just a few weeks ago. As you can see, fruit is still one of my favorite models but I’m also continuing to work on capturing a much wider scene.


Check back tomorrow for Day Two.