Stillman & Birn

For the last year or so I’ve been following the Stillman & Birn blog and entering each giveaway as they are posted but no luck until earlier this month! I’m so excited… I was one of the winners of the February giveaway! I was given a set of 12 Caran d’Ache Museum Aquarelle watercolor pencils and a choice of either a Beta or Zeta 8.5″ x 11″ sketchbook.

I’ve been using a Stillman & Birn Alpha sketchbook for the the majority of the pages seen on the blog lately and I love the white vellum pages. After searching the blog for other artists’ images, I decided to opt for the Beta.  Same white pages but thicker and slightly more texture… it’s billed as cold pressed.

Stillman & Birn Contest 1

Stillman & Birn Contest 2

I hate to have more than one sketchbook going at a time… it’s one of my many quirks… so the Beta will just have to wait it’s turn, but it’ll definitely be next.

I’m also going to have fun playing with the watercolor pencils. This  set of 12 has both a warm and cool of the three primaries, two greens, two earth colors, a gray and a black… it seems to be a perfect basic combination!


Thanks Stillman & Birn!

Spring Makes Me Smile! Journal52 – week 3

Spring arrives today!

16:57 UTC… that’s 12:57 EDT for me!

The science geek in me loves knowing all about the Vernal Equinox but Spring to me is much more than angles, celestial equators and orbits.  Since it’s too early here for sprouting things in the garden, it’s the changes in the light and the sound of arriving songbirds.

140315 Journal52-w3Journal52 – Week 3 Prompt: You make me smile!

Earlier this month I picked up the Saturday’s Features section of the New Hampshire Union Leader intrigued by the bird coverage. In the March 8th issue there was the New Hampshire Audubon’s Rare Bird Alert, an article on Turkey vultures and a wonderful photo of three American robins in flight by David Lane of the Union Leader.

I have tried time and time again to sketch birds in flight with various degrees of success so I used Mr. Lane’s photo as a reference as I practiced bird flight anatomy. Is it great? No, but as I look at this spread I can almost hear them chirping as they devour my remaining crabapples!

I know there have been pockets of robins living here all winter but they’ll always be my harbingers of Spring!

My Sketchbook Is Online!


As I’ve mentioned before, I completed a book for The Sketchbook Project 2014. I’m happy to report it’s been digitized and you can see it here! (note: the reproduced images show the book much darker than it really is.)

SP fanned

I love traveling and have always been fascinated with World Heritage Sites. Each site has been deemed to have either cultural or physical value by UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. There are nearly a thousand sites on the list and each one is amazing. Since visiting more than a handful is unlikely, I chose fifteen to highlight as my imagination traveled eastward around the globe.

The Sketchbook Project is kicking off its 2014 tour tonight in Brooklyn, NY before it heads out to visit over 20 cities! My sketchbook and many others will be safely packed in the mobile library and towed from city to city where the public can check out one or more to view in person. Check out the tour page to see if they’ll be in a town near you!

But don’t fret, if you go online you can look through plenty of sketchbooks as many of the artists have chosen to have their sketchbooks digitized too!  Visit the digital library and just have fun searching various criteria; I’m positive you’ll enjoy the variety of all the projects!

Spring Ahead Tonight!

Earlier this week the film arts community celebrated 2013 with the Academy Awards… the Oscars. To say I’m not much of a movie person is an understatement.  This year I haven’t even seen ONE of the winners.  So why did I feel the need to make an Oscar page?  I have no idea… the only thing I was interested in was best song. (I have 3 of them on my iTunes playlist).

140302 Oscar

it was good practice for human proportions… and he stood still for me!

So began March.

March is a month of transitions. The days are getting lighter… more hours of sun and I can feel its strength as I sit here typing. Yes it’s still cold and snowy but those days are waning.  March is the first month of “meteorological” spring; the coldest days are behind us. True spring will arrive with the vernal equinox on the 20th.

In my mind this is the start of the year!

So remember to set your clocks ahead tonight as you go to bed and savor the extra hour of light we’ll have tomorrow evening.

More EDMs and a New Challenge

140227 edm17I’m still working on my EveryDay Matters Challenges.

140304 edm16There’s never an excuse for not having any inspiration for drawing; the EDM list is long and varied. So I figure… if one challenge is good why not another? I just found Journal52. One prompt and a little inspiration each week… check out the blog to see what has been suggested this far.

140303 j52-1I’m not much of a mixed media artist so I’m doing it my way. Am I behind? You bet but I’m undaunted; catching up is fun!