TWSBI Mini Pen Save

Auuuugh!!! It broke! If I tried gluing back together it would only break again because the clip would put too much torque on the cap.

But look… there’s a hex nut holding the clip and top together. If I can remove the clip I can screw the top together and glue it back onto the cap.

Since it’s one of my older pens AND I have one of the newer versions already inked I wasn’t afraid to mess around.

Superglue to the rescue!

Not bad. I’ll be able to cap the pen and at keep it for home use.
Too bad that the clip keeps it from rolling off the table… I guess I’ll have to MacGyver something for that.

One for the road and one for home. Win – Win.

Last Day! Jinhao BOGO at Goulet

I needed more ink… specifically De Atramentis Document Black, and Goulet Pens has it on sale through midnight tonight.  Goulet also has this BOGO buy one-get one sale on Jinhao pens.  Buy one regular priced Jinhao that’s NOT an X750 Shimmering Sands and get a FREE X750 Shimmering Sands.  I’m usually not a sucker for these things but I looked.

OMG… they have an ORANGE pen!

Did I ever tell you how much I love orange?


Yes… all mine.

I bought the ORANGE Jinhao 159 for the grand price of $12.50 and got the sparkly Jinhao X750 Shimmering Sands for free.  The photos don’t do it justice… it’s lovely.


Here’s a visual comparison.  From the top… Pilot Metropolitan, Jinhao X750 Shimmering Sands, Jinhao 159, and Lamy Safari.


Both the Jinhao’s are quite heavy (twice as heavy?) but even with my small hands I’ve enjoyed using them for drawing.  Both come with medium nibs installed and I’ve found they’re really smooth… haven’t had one skip since I’ve inked them up… De Atramentis Document Black is waterproof and the pens have handled it well.  If you find you’d like a finer or broader nib it’s possible to exchange the nibs and put in a Goulet Nib.  Both are #6 and from what I can see are easily exchangeable.  As you can see, the #6 nib is larger than the nib on the Pilot Metropolitan. I’m going to play with these a while before I decide.


I know I’m not giving you much time to mull this over… offer ends at midnight.

Just thought you ought to know.