TWSBI Mini Pen Save

Auuuugh!!! It broke! If I tried gluing back together it would only break again because the clip would put too much torque on the cap.

But look… there’s a hex nut holding the clip and top together. If I can remove the clip I can screw the top together and glue it back onto the cap.

Since it’s one of my older pens AND I have one of the newer versions already inked I wasn’t afraid to mess around.

Superglue to the rescue!

Not bad. I’ll be able to cap the pen and at keep it for home use.
Too bad that the clip keeps it from rolling off the table… I guess I’ll have to MacGyver something for that.

One for the road and one for home. Win – Win.

Fountain Pen Fun!

I am NOT addicted!

If this sounds a bit defensive… well………


From left to right… TWSBI Mini Fine, Visconti Traveling Ink Pot, Pelican M200 Fine, Duke with bent calligraphy nib, Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, Pelican M200 Medium, Lamy Joy with 1.5 calligraphy nib, Platinum Preppy, Lamy Safari Extra Fine, Lamy Vista black EF, Lamy Al-Star F, and an old Mont Blanc rollerball, just because it writes well.


My favorites are filled with different inks for different purposes.  My Pelican at the top is loaded with regular black Waterman ink… it’s soluble and bleeds wonderfully when hit with water. The silver Duke has Noodler’s Lexington Gray which needs a bit longer on the paper to become permanent. The lowermost pen is my beloved TWSBI Mini with a Fine point… LOVE! I’ve filled it with Platinum Carbon Black ink which has been the most reliably permanent ink I’ve tried.

What’s that just above the TWSBI?  It’s my Visconti Traveling Ink Pot… it holds plenty of ink for quite a few refills. I load it with the PCB and it tucks neatly into my TSA approved quart sized fluid bag for carry-on travel.  I’ve been away for more than 2 weeks and it’s served me well!


At this point I only have black fountain pen inks but I’m planning on remedying that! I have an order pending with my friends at Goulet Pens.  FAIR WARNING!  Do not click that link unless you are prepared to spend substantial time and have your credit card handy.

Addicted?  hmmmmm….   Obsessed?  OK, I’ll give you that.

Before the Rain

I came to watercolors 3 years ago when I took an online class with the fabulous Jane LaFazio. Her work is fresh and fun and she’s a marvelous teacher, generous with her time, knowledge and especially her gentle encouragement. I’m still a frequent visitor to her website and blog.

As I looked through her class offerings I saw her sketch of a Matilija Poppy blossom. Jane had captured this beauty with a minimalist line and a few splashes of watercolor… I was inspired! My garden has been calling to me… “paint me, paint me.” But where to start?  I snipped and floated one of my favorite peony blooms to be my first model!


You can see I copied… yes, copied!  … Jane’s sketch of her poppy. I knew that as I drew the lines she drew I would absorb the loose feeling she captured before trying to replicate that feeling in my peony. (Don’t fret, I gave her credit on my page.)

I’ve been experimenting with various pens but for this I returned to my tried and true favorites… my TWSBI fountain pen filled with Platinum Carbon Black ink.  To get the cool, icy pink of the petals I used multiple dilute glazes of Quinacridone Rose and deepened the shadows with Indanthrone Blue.

Since the forecasted wind and rain would doom the last of my poppies, this was my only chance. They’re so ephemeral. I stood in the driveway painting as the rain started to fall.   Whew! Finished just in time!


They’re gone now, petals scattered on the ground, just a bunch of seedpods ripening for next year.